Jeffrey Markert, Ph.D.
Evolutionary Genetics

Current Projects

Salton Sea Tilapia Conservation Genetics
Why is an introduced farm animal in an accidental lake worth conserving? [coming soon!]

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Conservation Genetics in Changing Environments - How Much Genetic Diversity is Enough?
Mysid Shrimp in Conservation Genetics
EPA project abstract

Presentation at the American Genetics Association's 2009 Symposium on The genetics and Genomics of Environmental Change
Also available is Dr. T. J. McGreevy's poster from the same meeting: Bridging the Gap Between Large-Scale Data Sets and Analyses: Semi-Automated Methods to Facilitate AFLP Scoring and Data Analysis (Apologies for format translation problems with some of the tables!)

Evolutionary Population Genetics and Speciation - Why are some cichlid lineages so species-rich?

Cichlids - A natural experiment in speciation
Read more about the Congo Project at AMNH

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